Dog Training – Labrador Training Tips

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In this section entitled Dog Training – Labrador Training Tips, we look at some of the things most often overlooked by owners, some things your Labrador really wants from you and some of the most important commands you need to master.

Most humans (that’s you and me right?) forget that dogs have been hanging around in packs since way before we decided to come down out of the trees or wherever else you believe we came from. Labradors are no different from any other breed of dog.

First and foremost they are a dog, and secondly, they are a Labrador…a name we humans gave to the breed! So any section listing Labrador Training Tips must start by reminding you that dogs are a pack animal in nature and, as such, they need a their pack it would have been the Alpha male. At home, male or female, that Alpha role needs to be taken by you…your dog wants you to do it, he loves to follow and he’ll follow you wherever you go…IF you make it clear you are in charge.

“So how do I do that”?

Easy, train him!

Give your dog a clean, warm, comfortable and interesting place to call his own. Interesting? Yeah, that’s right. Dogs, and particularly Labradors, are very sociable and curious animals. If possible make sure their bed or basket is located somewhere they can see stuff going on. Don’t bore your dog!

Labradors are natural retrievers. Often of game birds shot on a hunt but pretty much anything will do. They just love to go fetch stuff…any stuff. So, make sure retrieving stuff stays on your list of Labrador training tips and make it a big part of the puppy learning process.

Take your time – All dogs are different, all Labradors are different, and not just the different black, chocolate, golden and silver labs colors! They will each learn things at different rates, make allowances for this and don’t be too hard on them.

Above all – Make Training Fun.

Chocolate Labrador Training Tips

Chocolate Labradors are perhaps not nearly as a popular choice for owners as their ubiquitous Yellow and Black cousins but to those that do own chocolate labs then they really are the only choice. Although the eventual color of Chocolate Labradors is governed by just two genes the variation in the intensity of the color can be quite marked.

Just as the Yellow variety of the breed can vary from a very light cream color to a deep almost Red, so does the coat of chocolate Labradors vary. In fact, the American Kennel Clubs breed standard reads that the color of Chocolate Labradors can vary from Sedge to Chocolate (encompassing the previously disputed Silver color), and they all have one thing in common, a great behavior and a very sociable character!

Whatever the particular shade of Chocolate Labradors they should all conform to the basics of the breed standard. Male will stand between 22.5 to 24.5 inches with females coming in around an inch to two inches shorter. Male dogs can weigh from 65 to 80lbs and females around 55 to 70lbs. The coat (not just Chocolate Labradors!) is densely packed and short but should never have a strand-like or wiry consistency. It will be slightly oily to give it it’s natural resistance to water (you know how your Lab loves to swim!) With a broad head, muscular but not square jaw the other most prominent feature is likely to be the characteristic “otter” tail.

Chocolate Labradors are perhaps not quite as popular a choice as their Black or Yellow cousins, although just as easy to train, but try telling that to owners of Chocolate Labradors, they love em, and why not! Start training your Labrador today for the best results.