Dog Training – Your Labrador Puppy

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Training a Labrador puppy is often where most of us wish we had started. All too often, we don’t get the choice. Sure, we love our dog but we got him from the pound so he kinda had his own ideas about the correct way to behave before we got him! Sound familiar? Well, maybe that’s for another section. So this post addresses Dog Training – Your Labrador Puppy.

Let’s just say you have just got your new puppy from the store or the breeder and just as the title of this section says you are now faced with training a Labrador puppy.

First off let’s acknowledge your good taste and judgment in choosing one of the more intelligent, level-headed and altogether “trainable” breeds that exist. Yep, Labradors are smart and it’s because they are so adorable at the puppy stage that owners often fail to recognize just “how smart” they really are…before you know it, guess who’s in charge!

However, if you follow a few simple rules you’ll build a foundation on which you can base all the future work with your dog. Training a Labrador puppy is not easy, in fact, training any puppy is demanding…but, stick to the basics, keep it regular, be consistent and you will prevail.

Remember some of these basics:-
1. Be The Biggest Thing In Your Puppys Life – The world is a fascinating place for a puppy. Wonderful sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures all around. You, or more importantly your voice, stance and gestures need to be the biggest thing in your puppy’s life. Don’t even think about training until you have GOT and can HOLD your puppy’s attention. Use a friendly tone, high pitched is better and use his name..lots!

2. Sitting Down Is Good, After All, You Like It Don’t You? – A puppy will do a lot for his favorite treat. Raise it above his head and as his head goes up to keep his eyes fixed on the treat, “hey presto” his rear goes down. Don’t forget to use the word “SIT” as you do it so he associates the word with the treat and the position in which he ends up.

Above all – Training should be enjoyable, for you and the puppy!

Start Training your Labrador

Many have asked when is the best time to train your Labrador. The simple answer is, NOW if you feel the Labrador is the right choice for you.

You may be surprised to hear, many owners have asked if certain weather conditions and seasons are more suited to training. For the dog, it makes no difference what so ever!

If you have a labrador puppy, then you must make training a priority right now. Getting the basics covered in the early stages of the dog’s life will make the training process much easier and rewarding for you and the dog in the long term. With a puppy, you will find teaching his name the first and foremost skill for him to learn, everything else branches from this fundamental skill.

Most training questions are aimed at new dog owners and normally young puppies. But what about older dogs? Is the cliche saying really true..? It depends on the dog, but for a Labrador, an old dog can learn new tricks! Of course, the older the dog gets the harder it does become, which is why it’s vital you train them young to save you from hours of frustration in the future. If you don’t have this luxury, then good on you for having a go at getting him trained! Look also at this post about crating your dog.

It is very important you make any training with your older dog fun, and most importantly rewarding. A good step is to join a local dog training class, taking an online lesson/ebook and asking family and friends for assistance.

Your dog will love all the new attention and activities you are getting involved with together, and this is when you will start to see the best rewards and character come out from your dog. Regardless of how much he learns, or what he can do after a session of training, you can be assured your bond with each other will get stronger and stronger.

Stick with it, and don’t give up. And remember, start training your Labrador today.