Dog Training – Your Labrador

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Training a Labrador should be fun, training a Labrador should be rewarding but training a Labrador should be what both you the owner AND your dog WANT to do. So read on and learn more about Dog Training – Your Labrador. For that to be the case the whole process needs to be well planned, structured and patiently and steadily implemented. Do this and you will reap the rich rewards that only owners of well-trained dogs experience. It is a true joy.

First, you need to set down a plan of what you want to achieve. For example, the plan for training a loveable, impressionable and youthful puppy might be very different from one for an older dog you just saved from the pound. Maybe the dog has had some bad experiences…maybe he doesn’t see humans in the same way the puppy does. So, work out what kind of challenge you have and exactly what you want to achieve from the training and be realistic about your aspirations.

Training a Labrador (now I must admit to some little bias here)  as opposed to some breeds means your task is going to be a little bit easier. Labradors are intelligent, loving, affable and have an altogether positive outlook on things (there I go again, attributing human characteristics to my dog my dog!) With some breeds it can be a good idea to call in the professionals. However, let’s assume we are not in that place. To read more about training your Labrador puppy, check out this post.

Structure, you may like structure in your life, most kids do and dogs DEFINITELY do. So give’em structure. Take your plan (remember this is for training a Labrador or any other breed) and divide it up into simple, logical stages. Maybe first off you want to work on the command for “SIT”. The next logical stage is the command for “COME” (you’d be amazed the number of times I see people working on SIT followed by STAY…think about it from the dogs point of view, what’s the difference between SIT and STAY ? Get it?) After your dog has got “COME” then you might want to work on “STAY”. From here you have a natural base for learning “FETCH”, “LEAVE”, “DROP”, “DOWN” and all the other basics that your dog needs.

And finally, take your time and keep at it. If you are familiar with the phrase “little and often”, well it could have been written for dog training. So remember, whether you are training a Labrador or any other breed, PLAN IT, STRUCTURE IT and CARRY IT OUT….EVERY DAY. If you don’t know if having a Labrador is a good option for you, you can learn more in this article.