Dogs looking for owners

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**Say hello to Queenie**, the sweetest soul you will ever meet. Queenie is quiet, gentle and mellow. She has a beautiful coat that is reddish-chocolate colored and she loves to be petted.

Queenie will say hello to any person, dog, or cat and in her own gentle way, she wins everyone over instantly. She has golden brown eyes that have a bit of sadness behind them, but she doesn’t carry her past with her. She loves to go on short walks and behaves perfectly on the leash.

Queenie has some health issues and needs a forever home with patient and diligent people. Something is making Queenie itch, so she scratches herself. Her scratching has left her paws sore and raw, and some of the hair on her haunches is missing. Her lower teeth need some attention, which currently leaves her with a goofy, heart-warming smile so she also needs to see a doggie dentist.

Her foster Mom has been working with a Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue Vet to try and figure out what is going on with Queenie’s skin, and what is causing her itching. In the meantime, Queenie is happy to lay at your feet, give a gentle kiss, watch the cat move around the house, greet you at the door with a tail wag, and cock her head when she hears dogs on the TV.

Queenie would love to live the rest of her life with you. Please consider this gentle dog. You will be so happy you did. Her courage and lovely disposition will be with you forever.

**Finola** arrived at RMLR at the beginning of May from Kansas. It was suspected that she had some knee issues(and the reason she was turned into a shelter), although it was undetermined initially if she would need surgery.

After a few weeks in her foster home and a few visits to the vet and a specialist, we found out that Finola wouldn’t only need one knee surgically repaired, but both! She had her first surgery this past week and we are happy to report, was also adopted by a wonderful family who will go through both surgeries and rehab with her.

Charlie came to RMLR just a few weeks ago from Canon City. He was either born with or suffered a traumatic injury that left him without a foot on one back leg. He was struggling to walk on any hard surfaces and it was obvious that the missing foot was causing him pain and stability issues not just in his leg but his whole backend.

We were able to save Charlie from the shelter by having a wonderful volunteer step up and offer to foster him. Shortly after he arrived, his charming personality and good looks won over a family who adopted him. We are currently working with several specialists on what the best option is for Charlie, amputation or a prosthetic. Regardless of the outcome, Charlie now has a bright, pain-free future in store for him!

Surgeries and special vettings like the ones needed for Charlie and Finola can cost upwards of $5000 each. We wouldn’t be able to help them or any dogs like them, without the support and contributions of our fosters, volunteers, and donors.

**Nemo, a 5-month-old puppy**, was abandoned in a parking lot next to a GED prep center in Joplin, MO. He was taken to the local shelter and they put out a plea to help this little guy. Nemo, despite being quite the charmer and a very happy boy stood no chance of being adopted at the shelter. He was born with a deformed front leg, almost like a “fork” and was a candidate for amputation surgery.

His time was very limited without a rescue commitment. Obviously, Nemo is not a lab but as a rescue that loves ALL dogs, we just could not stand the fact that this baby was going to be put down for something he had no control over, especially since he was a happy, playful, and healthy pup in every other way. He definitely deserved the chance to find a home and be loved.

RMLR committed to him and he arrived last week. He went to a wonderful family that is fostering to adopt him. He still needs several surgical consults on his leg and it will most likely be amputated in the near future but his prognosis is good for a normal, happy life.

Please support Nemo and all the wonderful dogs like him that we are able to bring into rescue. We couldn’t do it without your support and generosity. Thank you!