Labrador Retriever

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Thinking about adopting a Labrador Retriever?

Labrador Retrievers, frequently named ‘Labs’, are medium-large dogs that have thick wavy or straight coats. Labradors usually come with floppy ears and expressive, beautiful eyes. There are, however, Labs that look slightly different. Color, coat, eyes, ears, size and even the shape of their heads may vary and will depend on the mix.

Labrador Retrievers come with a thick double coat that will shed pretty heavily during specific seasons because of changing weather patterns. You can minimalize shedding if you brush the thick coat regularly, but keep in mind that bathing should be avoided as this will damage and remove all natural oils within their coats.

By nature, Labrador Retrievers are very social animals that love the companionship of both other dogs and people. They do absolutely fantastic in households that include multiple dogs. Labs and Lab mixes actually are perfectly suited for active individuals or families. Labrador Retrievers love exercise and activity and are happy when they can swim, retrieve, or actively interact with people or other dogs. Labradors that don’t get enough exercise have a tendency to get overweight and are likely to develop weight-related health issues.

Labrador Retrievers are known to be loving and warm companions around your house who love to play with all people including small children. Most Labradors accept other animals easily on the property or in the house. But keep in mind that, though Labradors generally are happy to sit quietly alongside their trusted people, they really need their daily exercise!

While Labrador Retrievers are great and extremely loyal pets with pleasing personalities, you really should be aware that they require a structured life and lots of training and exercise.  It is important to know that Labradors usually have boundless energy also when they’ve reached the age of 10 years old. As said before, they shed heavily and these beautiful dogs are very susceptible to hip and elbow complications so you should keep them always at a proper and healthy weight. Keep also in mind that Labradors are happy pets and are that they are more than happy to clear your coffee table just using their wagging tails. Labradors are gentle with young children and fond of people of all ages.

Adopting a Labrador puppy? Why not an adult instead

If you’re raising a family, you’re likely to be advised to adopt or buy a Labrador Retriever puppy. A shelter dog may seem like an unknown quantity, whereas adopting or buying a Labrador Retriever puppy seems to be safer. Well, the truth is that the opposite is usually the case. Puppies are always the best choice with children as they don’t control their mouthing or biting impulses yet to the full extent. That combined with the enormous amount of energy and the sharp little teeth of puppies, you may think twice. In fact, all young puppies are actually little chewing machines that are capable of destroying a security blanket or a toy in short order.  Please be aware that adult dogs are usually a lot calmer and have already developed visible personalities. With an adult dog, you can instantly how they to children and other animals, and with a puppy, there’s always some guesswork as to how it will develop as it gets full-grown.

Puppies also teeth, and they have a biological and only natural desire and need to chew. Puppies want to be playing constantly, and of course, they are not able to discriminate between, for example, your favorite shoes and a chew toy. Of course, puppies can and must be trained to adapt their behavior, but in general, adult Labrador Retrievers are far less likely to cause any damage to your precious belongings.

Be aware that Labrador Retriever puppies must be taken outside regularly. The rule is that a 3-month old puppy must go outside around 3 hours, 4-month-old puppies need to get every 4 hours, and so forth. Now when you’re a retired person, or when you’re working from your home, that’s not a problem. But if you think you can leave your puppy home alone while you’re working, you’re wrong and you definitely should adopt or buy a full-grown adult dog. In that case, contact a Labrador Retriever rescue center near you to find the best dog that will fit your lifestyle.