Success Stories-adopted dogs

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**Tank, now named Rookie**, was found with Mickey running stray in Kansas City. Tank and Mickey were on their way to Colorado when one of the volunteer transporters decided she couldn’t pass Tank on to the next driver. He is now named “Rookie” and living the good life in Colby, Kansas with some other fur brothers and a human teenage sister.

Tank plays pretty rough and tumble! He and Brach would roll each other and then get up and do it again. And lots of mouth games! Sometimes it sounded like they were mad, but they never were. I have never seen Tank be dominant or aggressive.

His new friend is a female Catahoula mix, about 40 pounds. She liked him immediately and they played from the moment they met. I think she knew instinctively that he meant no harm. Tank is the type of dog that will do ANYTHING for his master. He is dying to please – and dying to be praised

**Ceasar, now Tosh**, was adopted by Eric and Olivia. Eric is the founder’s husbands’ coworker. He wrote the lovely poem off to the side. He and Olivia really do love Tosh, but as you can tell he has to do a lot of the legwork involved in caring for him. Tosh is very thankful to have such a wonderful family. He is returning the thanks with much love and play time!

**Victor **is back home after spending the last 4 weeks in training boot camp. This guy is now a totally changed dog. He is very well behaved, obedient, knows his commands and we’re able to handle him at 100lbs when on a lease. We are trained now too! A big part of this is us to be trained.

Before he was a good dog and had a good foundational behavior but not at all trained and very difficult to handle since he was so big. We had him 10 days and realized we needed a solution or we would not be able to keep him as is. Hence we opted for the train and board program and the full 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks.

The cost was not cheap but so far well worth it. We’ll work a little each morning and more at length in the evening on continued training in the house and outside on lease and off for the next few months. We’ll also be doing some group training classes with him each week as the dog training place – Colorado Dog Academy is only around the corner from our house.

My goal is to be able to take him flyfishing with me to the Bighorn in early May and do go hiking and backpacking. Also, we plan to do the rescue walk in mid-May. So now we settle in to a routine…

**Blue **was adopted by a nurse who takes him on nice long walks and jogs. Blue has made a wonderful and calm companion for Jim. He is always happy and wagging his tail. We will have more of an update soon!

**Shadow** was adopted by Marissa and Nate who are GED teachers in Henderson CO. Shadow has 2 human siblings and 1 other four-legged sibling. Shadow is very playful and happy all of the time. The family is really enjoying her.

**Mickey, now Jesse**, what a mess! He should be so glad he is so darn cute. This guy has been one barrel of laughs after another. He was adopted by the rescue’s trainer and he is learning how to behave very nicely. He loves his mommy so much and she takes him everywhere with her. She says his favorite place to go is for walks and to puppy class.

**Georgia’s new name is Nakonda**. Nakonda lives with Sara and Dave in Denver and they just love her to death. She had to be taught about her crate but has come to realize it isn’t so bad and is now potty trained. Nakonda gets to go up to the mountains with her parents and loves her walks.

Update – this is what Nakonda’s mom wrote us recently: “We are so happy that we found our puppy Nakonda on the Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue website. As a first-time dog owner, RMLR was very helpful and answered all of our questions and concerns. We couldn’t be happier with Nakonda and the entire adoption process. And the best part is we saved a puppy!

**Walter, now Wa Wa or the WA**! Walter was the inspiration behind saving dogs in rural areas. If you read the inspirational story, you will understand our mission. Walter is a big goofy puppy, but we love him very much. Despite his chewing and jumping the fence, he is a great running companion and very wonderful snuggler. He loves to play with his toys most of all and bug the other dogs in the house to play as well.